Bulk Bag Handling

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BULK BAG HANDLING – Unloading, Discharging, Filling, Weighing …

Webb Process Equipment Company - BULK BAG HANDLING – Unloading, Discharging, Filling, Weighing - Located in Brecksville, Ohio, but serving many other surrounding areas in Ohio and Northeast Ohio

In recent years, much of our time has been spent addressing our customers’ need of handling the flexible intermediate bulk containers, bulk bags, super sacks or totes of their raw materials. Much of our work is unloading (discharging) these containers, but we also provide basic to very sophisticated bulk bag filling systems. We provide bulk bag frames with the latest in flow-aid (promotion), dust and flow control. We can also provide a glove-box design from Dynamic Air, to safeguard against not only irritants but hazardous materials our customers have to design around. From these unloaders/dischargers, we will deliver your material reliably and accurately via mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems. Any additional equipment, such as silos, feeders, mixers, dust collectors, screens will be provided to meet your project specifications as well.

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