Mechanical Conveying

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MECHANICAL CONVEYING – Spiral, Screw, Vibratory, Bucket, Belt ...

WEBB offers solutions ranging from a traditional, twin-bearing tubular or screw auger, to belt feeders, to spiral or helical (shaftless) conveyors and feeding equipment. We specialize in Flexicon’s spiral conveyors, which handle plastic pellets, chemical flakes, and heavy and abrasive materials (such as cement) among other things. These shaftless screws, with one moving part, can even move tough materials like titanium dioxide (TiO2) and iron oxde. We use these conveyors in a number of applications, such as charging mixers/blenders via bag dumping or bulk bag unloading/discharging stations. We also transfer mixtures to downstream processes such as packaging lines. Our experience also includes the implementation of vibrating feeders or conveyors and bucket elevators. These mechanical options provide safe, cost-effective, efficient, dust-free, and gentle handling of materials in numerous industries.

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