Pneumatic Conveying

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PNEUMATIC CONVEYING SYSTEMS - Dilute / Lean Phase, Dense Phase, Positive Pressure, Negative Vacuum Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic conveying systems offered by WEBB. Dilute & Lean or Dense Phase, Pressure, Vacuum …

Among our many specialties is pneumatic conveying systems. WEBB has a vast history and in-depth knowledge with every type of pneumatic conveying system. We have successfully implemented dilute or lean phase, dense phase, positive pressure, and negative vacuum conveying systems utilizing pressure blowers, vacuum exhausters, rotary lobe or regenerative pumps to pneumatically convey dry bulk materials. We also utilize compressed air, either by tapping into your plant’s excess capacity or via a new & dedicated compressed air system – complete with starters, desiccant dryer, gauges, meters, and any other necessary components that ensure the dry, clean air crucial to any successful pneumatic conveying system. Our experience spans many different industries, such as rubber, plastic, mineral, food, and chemical. Our expertise includes hard-to-convey and/or hopper materials, such as prepared foundry sand, flour mixes, titanium dioxide, carbon black pellets, superabsorbent, calcium carbonate, cocoa, zinc oxide, and sand-paper grit to name a few.

We offer Dynamic Air, Inc. dense phase pneumatic conveying systems for either friable or abrasive materials. WEBB also provides dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems from Flexicon Corporation, which may be better suited for either shorter conveying distances or a smaller overall throughput capacity. Whatever the case may be, Webb Process Equipment Company will partner with you to supply the best possible pneumatic conveying solution available for your specific project requirements.

Contact WEBB to discuss the finer points of pneumatic conveying systems. Let us put over 4 decades of knowledge & expertise to work in solving your most difficult and critical process issues today.

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