Weighing & Feeding

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WEIGH BATCHING & FEEDING – Micro to Major Ingredients, Automation, Loss-in-Weight, Gain-of-Weight …

Weight Batching & Feeding from WPEC. Micro to Major Ingredients, Automation, Loss-in-Weight, Gain-of-Weight …

Frequently our customers need tighter process control, inventory monitoring, and strict tolerances in a product mixture. Working with Thayer Scale, we provide the most consistent accuracy available today. WPEC supplies all the necessary feeding and control logic necessary to meet today’s market demands. Whether it is Loss-in-Weight (LIW) or Gain-of-Weight (GOW), micro to minor to major to bulk ingredients, our manufacturers provide the highest quality, proven technology, and rugged construction it takes to meet the demands of our customers. The systems we design employ one or more of our pneumatic conveying or mechanical conveying and/or feeding technologies. WPEC supplies certified belt scales as well as weigh-belt feeders. We achieve accurate, traceable, repeatable results that can be monitored and recorded. We have provided these systems for carbon black, pigments, minerals, food additives, tobacco, and much more.

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